Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to:

  1. Review existing County housing policies, regulations and data;
  2. Identify existing zoning, land use, and development policies and regulations that are currently preventing or restricting the development of affordable housing in Fremont County;
  3. Recommend strategies and options to support new affordable housing development in Fremont County; and
  4. Adopt potential code amendments, policy changes, and incentives to remove barriers and strengthen the capacity to enhance affordable housing development in Fremont County.

Multiple Ways to Participate

The project will provide for a variety of community engagement methods, both in-person and virtually, for community members to share their thoughts and ideas regarding housing, land use, and development in Fremont County. We invite you to check out the different options to have your voice heard. Your feedback will help shape housing policy and code updates.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule


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